Training Day Field Trip!

  • Ashley Pastor
  • News
  • July 21, 2022
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Training is an important part of the land business, even when the majority of your team has over 10 years experience. We also will move staff from one group to another to learn new things and keep things interesting.

Last week, two of our senior Surface PMs, Erin Finkelstein and Ashelina Christianson took one of our new land administrators, Amber Leask (who had been working in another SLL group) on a field trip to the Crossfield area to see first-hand some oil and gas facilities, riser sites, power/ transmission lines, approaches, access routes, highway crossings, flare stacks and a review of EPZ notifications. When staff are WFH, this in-person training, especially in the field is invaluable. They also reviewed abadata imagery for the area to show where the underground pipelines etc are. This allowed Amber to better understand the actual important details found on a survey plan and to better understand the third-party approvals process we have been working on with her. It also allowed Erin and Ashelina to emphasize the importance of the work we do and what comes after the land work in the field.

The ladies had a great time and even encountering a porcupine who showed them who’s boss on that site. Erin said “Training sharp new staff like Amber is enjoyable and a way to give back in our industry, and you’re never too experienced to learn something new yourself!”