Transmission & Power Generation

We have handled all aspects of stakeholder engagement, including organizing and attending high-profile open houses.

Key Contact
Greg Meidinger

A portrait of Scott Land & Lease staff Michi Galvin, Project Coordinator, and Greg Meidinger, VP land. Michi is on the left and has long dark hair and glasses, wearing a black blazer over a light gray dress, and is smiling. Greg is on the right and is wearing a dark suit with a light-colored shirt, smiling with his arms crossed. Both are looking directly at the camera, conveying a sense of professionalism and confidence.
Michi Galvin
Project Coordinator
Greg Meidinger
VP Land

Did You Know?

2024 is Gregg’s 43rd year in the land business.

Scott Land has been a leader in the power generation and transmission industries for over 30 years in Canada. We handle a range of projects including solar power, wind power, cogeneration facilities and transmission lines. Our Crown Land experts can secure the ideal location for your generating facility and all associated third-party agreements when located on Crown Land. Our power generation team handles freehold land acquisitions (including options to lease or purchase), easement acquisitions, stakeholder engagement, municipal permitting, provincial permitting and third-party agreement acquisitions to get your project construction ready.

In Alberta, our team is intimately familiar with the Market Participant Choice program offered by the AESO for proponents to construct their own interconnections. We can guide you through the AESO connection process, manage your stakeholder engagement and complete your permitting to ensure your generation project can connect to the grid. We have acquired Right-of-way agreements for transmission lines throughout the province ranging from 138kV short interconnections to 500kV system projects. Our agents are experts in carrying out the acquisition process from survey permissions through to final damage settlements.

Our team members keep their knowledge and skills up to date and our memberships include the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA), International Association for Public Participant (IAP2), Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administrators (CAPLA), and the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Logo of the International Association for Public Participation (iap2). The logo features the acronym 'iap' in lowercase blue letters with a small orange superscript '2' to the right of the 'p'. Below the acronym, the text 'international association for public participation' is written in blue, emphasizing the organization's focus on promoting public participation.

Fortis Wainwright Transmission Reinforcement (FWTR)

  • 138kV system project
  • Approximately 26km in length
  • Stakeholder engagement, survey permissions, land acquisition and ancillary services through to damage settlements
  • Approved by the AUC in April 2017

Jenner Wind Power Project Interconnection

  • Market Participant Choice transmission line
  • 240kV interconnection
  • Approximately 14km in length
  • Stakeholder engagement, survey permissions, land acquisition, disposition applications and ancillary services
  • Approved by the AUC in June 2017

Western Alberta Transmission Line (WATL)

  • 500kV system project
  • Approximately 350km in length
  • Survey permissions, land acquisition and ancillary services through to damage settlements
  • In service date of December 2015

Jenner Gas-Fired Power Plant

  • 23MW gas-fired power plant located near the Town of Jenner, AB
  • Stakeholder engagement, AUC application, Municipal permitting and ancillary services
  • Approved by the AUC in August 2018

South Foothills Transmission Project (SFTP)

  • 240kV system project
  • Approximately 123km in length
  • Survey permissions, land acquisition and ancillary services through to damage settlements
  • Construction completed Fall 2015

Calgary Energy Centre & Expansion

  • 320MW natural gas-fueled combined-cycle generation facility
  • Stakeholder engagement and administration
  • Approved by the AUC in September 2016

“The Land Agent we use in this area is Scott Land. They do excellent work, and we have used them exclusively for over 10 years, and have done a multitude of projects with them.”

– One of North America’s Largest Engineering Firms