Strategic Alliances

Over the years, Scott Land has worked with many other service companies in the execution and completion of our clients’ projects. This includes engineers, surveyors, environmental companies and more.

In more recent years, there has been a shift to integrated services where clients request one firm coordinate several of the other service providers for more efficient project delivery. To that end, Scott Land has established strategic alliances with several key service providers. We package these services along with our core Land services and deliver them in all regions in which we work. Our “strategic partners” provide important services which dovetail with our core services in the execution of the project.

Our clients benefit from a more streamlined coordination of reporting, cost control, timeline management, billing, and project management with less hassle by the clients’ in-house resources. Our clients find this integration and collaboration valuable. Of course, we remain flexible in working the traditional way with clients who wish to coordinate these services internally.

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Ryan Scott
Scott Telecom Services Ltd.
Hunter Scott
Executive Vice President

Did You Know?

Our partnerships allows clients to benefit from a more streamlined coordination of reporting, cost control, timeline management, billing, and project management, providing more value with less hassle.

Venn diagram depicting three intersecting circles labeled 'Geomatics,' 'Line Locating,' and 'Engineering.' The Geomatics section features two construction workers using surveying equipment. The Line Locating section shows a yellow flag with the text 'BURIED GAS LINE.' The Engineering section shows a group of engineers in hard hats working on blueprints and measurements. The center where all three circles overlap displays the Scott Land & Lease Ltd. logo, indicating the integration of these services.


Legal surveys of wellsites, pipeline ROW’s, facilities and RPR’s are just some of the available survey services that can be coordinated by our project managers to offer seamless single point of contact solutions for your project needs.


We have teamed up with the top engineering firms in Canada to offer cradle to grave solutions for combined land and engineering services that will make your project more efficient and cost-effective.

Line Locating

Pin Point Locating and Scott Land have teamed up on numerous projects to offer integrated project services suited for access, line locating and construction projects.

We want to ensure our clients have access to the best service offerings and full turn-key solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can integrate and coordinate our land services with our trusted partners to effectively manage your multi-disciplinary project requirements.