Midstream Pipelines

We have handled some of the largest and most complex linear projects in Canada. This valuable experience will benefit you whether it is a large CER regulated line or a smaller project in one of the provinces. Let us strategize on your next project with you to make it successful.

Key Contact
Dave Gieg

A portrait of Scott Land & Lease staff Dave Gieg, Manager, Infrastructure and Special Projects. Dave has short blonde hair and glasses, wearing a black and white checkered shirt. He is standing with his arms crossed, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression. The background is plain white, highlighting his professional appearance.
Dave Gieg
Manager, Infrastructure and Special Projects

Did You Know?

We have the most surface land agents and administrators in the industry with the most experience.

Surface Land Acquisition

We know that without the land you do not have a project. That is why Scott Land has been selected by so many active companies to successfully handle lands and right-of-way work on their Canadian projects. From land, environment and engineering to survey, Geographic Information Systems and First Nations consultation, we take a collaborative approach toward acquiring surface leases and pipeline rights-of-way in Canada. Our big-inch pipeline experts will help you develop the creative strategies necessary to ensure the success of your project. Our varied project experience reflects our breadth of knowledge and capacity to manage diverse, sensitive, large-scale and time-constrained projects. Most years, we handle more than 1,000 kilometres of ROW for various linear projects in Canada.

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of all land-related projects. Scott Land has in-depth local knowledge of strategy development and government regulations, as well as strong stakeholder relationships that we will leverage to benefit your project. We can handle all aspects of stakeholder engagement activities and land acquisition, including organizing and attending high-profile open houses. We have one of the most respected teams dedicated to stakeholder engagement in the business.

Several large pipelines extending into the distance across a green field under a partly cloudy sky. The scene emphasizes the extensive infrastructure used for transporting resources, with the pipelines creating a strong visual line that draws the eye toward the horizon.

We will not be using our previous Land Company (that specializes in pipelines) on ANY future pipelines. They just do not understand Crown land processes and on the freehold land, they have been unable to sign agreements with the same landowners that your Lorne Pudsey has had no difficulty signing up. They do not compare to Scott Land!

It was a pleasure doing business with Scott Land. Based on my family having a bad experience a number of years ago (with another broker), I was without a doubt a wary client. Your knowledge, patience, and pleasant demeanor are what make your company a true professional.

Thanks very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to put on the Crown process seminar for us yesterday. There seems to be on-going confusion for both our staff and our clients. It’s nice for us to have you as an experienced source to go to for help. Thanks again!