Scott Land STOMP

The Scott Land STOMP is our annual client appreciation party where we thank our clients for their business over the past year. We host friends and clients for a memorable evening of drinks, food, dancing and networking on the Thursday night before the parade. It is the perfect way to kick off the Calgary Stampede.

The Scott Land STOMP truly did start off Stampede on July 6th, 2023! Our friends, staff, alumni and clients joined us at the NTNL Saloon in downtown Calgary for an evening of festivities and networking. The Stampede spirit of friendship, connecting with associates and saying a proper thank-you has always been and will continue to be behind our annual Scott Land STOMP.

Logo for 'The New Scott Land Stomp! 2023.' The text is styled within the shape of a brown horseshoe, with the words 'The New' in orange and 'Scott Land Stomp! 2023' in white. The horseshoe has a distressed texture, giving it a rustic appearance.

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Other Community Involvement


A diverse group of people standing in a circle, holding hands around a large white table. The word 'Give' is written in the center of the table in bold, black letters with a red underline. The participants are smiling and appear engaged, representing a sense of community and collaboration.

Staff Volunteerism

A diverse group of hands holding up colorful letters that spell out 'Volunteer.' Each letter is a different bright color, and the hands are of various skin tones, emphasizing inclusivity and community spirit.

Teddy Bear Challenge

A black and white photo of a woman joyfully throwing several stuffed animals into the air. She has short hair and is wearing a plain t-shirt. The stuffed animals include various characters, and they are suspended in mid-air above her raised hands. The woman is smiling and appears delighted.


A word cloud centered around the word 'Scholarship' in large, bold yellow letters. Surrounding words related to education and learning include 'Strategy,' 'Educational,' 'Information,' 'Studying,' 'University,' 'Plan,' 'Goal,' 'Training,' 'Resources,' 'Project,' and 'Solution.' The words are arranged in various sizes and orientations, with a predominantly black background and text in shades of yellow, orange, and red.