Streamlined Acquisitions & Divestitures Services

Scott Land has a team of seasoned A&D professionals who are available on short notice for clients divesting, acquiring, merging, needing due diligence, or swapping properties.

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A portrait of Greg Meidinger, VP Land at Scott Land & Lease Ltd. He is wearing a dark suit with a light-colored shirt and is standing with his arms crossed, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression. The background is plain white, highlighting his professional appearance.
Greg Meidinger
VP Land

Did You Know?

Our largest A & D project involved 40,000 files.

Having access to a large talent base with extensive acquisition and divestiture (A & D) experience assures your project is managed cost-effectively. The advantage of a sizable A & D team allows us to adjust to the scale of your project to meet deadlines and ensures your project is completed on time. These advantages combined with our streamlined A & D administration process enable us to guide our clients’ projects in the right direction. Scott Land is capable of handling projects of any size and complexity including surface, mineral and contract review.

As the industry’s most established land company, we offer you a complete administration package for divesting, acquiring, merging or swapping properties. Our services address both mineral and surface files, and our extensive experience allows us to resolve all issues that may emerge so they do not become a problem at closing.


We have been trying to sign this stuff up for YEARS. Great job getting the issues resolved under reasonable terms and thanks for all the effort you and your team have put into it.