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Scott Land & Lease is the most active land company handling surface and mineral acquisition in the Western Canadian oil patch.

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  • Thanks to everyone’s extra effort, we were able to survey and acquire all 3 of these wells in 52 days – awesome job!!! This can’t happen unless everyone works together with one common goal. Job well done and keep up the awesome work

  • ...Scott Land is my favorite broker to deal with as you guys are always so efficient, professional and friendly. Makes my job easier in so many ways…

  • I'm letting the brass know on a daily basis that Scott Land is crushing it for us!

Did You Know?

We acquire more leases each year than any other land company.

Services We Offer

Surface Land Acquisition

Our approach to surface land acquisition has made us the leader in the Western Canadian oil patch. We focus on managing all the details of your project by using our in-house team of experienced project managers, administrators and land agents who combine their knowledge and relationships with proven processes. With the most licensed land agents in the industry, seven full service offices, and guaranteed, accurate paperwork, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to the success of your project. We acquire more surface files each year than any other land company!

Key Surface Land Acquisition Contacts

Freehold Mineral Leasing

Benefit from the experience of our freehold acquisition specialists who have acquired tens of thousands of freehold mineral leases and completed thousands of projects involving over 10,000,000 net acres throughout Western Canada. While your projects may vary in complexity and include estates, title issues, trust agreements or town sites, it will be professionally handled with multiple internal checks and balances. Our freehold acquisition team delivers the most comprehensive tract sheet in the industry. Our proven systems ensure your final lease package will be complete, accurate and error free. Our freehold leasing team is known as the best in the business and gives our clients a real edge in competitive leasing situations.

Key Freehold Mineral Leasing Contacts


Administration excellence is the cornerstone of the land business. It’s one of the most important components in delivering error free and complete lease documentation. That is why we employ the best team of administrators with the most experience. Our administration services include the set up of mineral, surface and crown files, payment of rentals and third party obligations, follow-up on outstanding paperwork and dealing with expiries and notifications. We handle all aspects of title registration and curity and do more business with British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (ISC) Land Titles than any other land company.

Key Administration Contacts

Crown Surface Applications

We offer you a dedicated crown team and a streamlined crown surface applications process that is cost efficient. With over 20 years successfully handling complex and non-standard applications, we thoroughly understand the Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) process and the Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) requirements. We specialize in complex and large scale projects that include non-standard applications, stakeholder consultation and EAP submissions. We have several former SRD employees on our team. Our strong relationship with Forestry is also an advantage to you. No other land company submits more crown surface applications than Scott Land.

Key Crown Surface Applications Contacts

Oilsands Exploration

For over 15 years, Scott Land & Lease has assisted clients with their Oilsands Exploration (OSE) applications. Our streamlined application process and third-party request system allows us to efficiently handle your projects including Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), in situ and mine sites. Additionally, our strong industry relationships allow us to be aware of any challenges or changes that could impact your oilsands submission requirements. We are able to offer our clients a complete OSE solution, guiding their projects from start to finish.

Key Oilsands Exploration Contacts


We have been the Top Crown Land Buyer for clients for 25 consecutive years for a reason: we have an experienced, dedicated team focused solely on Crown landsales. Our clients trust we always handle their Crown business professionally and with care. We can prepare bid letters and hand deliver sealed bids for landsales within British Columbia and Manitoba. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, we handle the electronic bidding process on the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) and the Integrated Resource Information System (IRIS) respectively. For confidentiality, choose from one of our four confidential bidding names: Scott Land & Lease Ltd., STOMP Energy Ltd., Plunkett Resources Ltd. and Windfall Resources Ltd. There are no extra charges for travel expenses, basic crown inquiries, Letters of Authority (LOA’s) and transfers.

Key Landsales Contacts

Aboriginal Consultation

Aboriginal communities play an important role in resource development across Western Canada. You will benefit from our established and trusted relationships across the First Nations in all areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. With the most experienced Aboriginal consultation team in the industry, Scott Land & Lease has been working with Aboriginal communities for the past 21 years. Our team can assist you with field representation, Aboriginal consultation, interpretation of guidelines, administration and overall project facilitation.

Key Aboriginal Consultation Contacts

Pipeline Right-of-Way

Scott Land is one of the most active land companies in the pipeline business. Our pipeline experts will help you develop the creative strategies necessary to ensure the success of your project. Our varied project experience reflects our breadth of knowledge and capacity to manage diverse, sensitive, large-scale and time-constrained projects. We work collaboratively with your project team in land, environment, engineering, survey, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and First Nations to ensure a successful project. Each year, we acquire over 1,000 km of pipeline rights-of-way in Western Canada.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of all land-related projects. Scott Land & Lease has in-depth local knowledge of strategy development and government regulations, as well as strong stakeholder relationships that we will leverage to benefit your project. We can handle all aspects of stakeholder engagement activities and land acquisition, including organizing and attending high-profile open houses. We have one of the most respected teams dedicated to stakeholder engagement in the business.

Acquisition & Divestiture

Having access to a large talent base with extensive acquisition and divestiture (A & D) experience assures your project is managed cost effectively. The advantage of a sizable A & D team allows us to adjust to the scale of your project to meet deadlines and ensures your project is completed on time. These advantages combined with our streamlined A & D administration process enable us to guide our clients’ projects in the right direction. Scott Land & Lease is capable of handling projects ranging in any size and complexity including surface, minerals and contract review.

Contract Staffing

We provide temporary professional land resources for our clients when they have a special project or if they do not have an in-house land staff. Our land professionals provide quality land services to a variety of companies.