Scott Land & Lease has the most trusted crown
landsale team handling confidential bids on
behalf of clients for more than 25 years.

Key Contact

Crown Hotline
  • Hi Maureen, thanks very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to put on the Crown process seminar for us yesterday. There seems to be on-going confusion for both our staff and our clients. It’s nice for us to have you as an experienced source to go to for help. Thanks again!

  • Hands down the best Crown lease package I have ever received.

Did You Know?

Scott Land & Lease has been recognized as the "Top Land Buyer" for 25 consecutive years.

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On your behalf, we prepare bid letters and hand deliver sealed bids for landsales within British Columbia and Manitoba. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, we handle the electronic bidding process on the Electronic Transfer System (ETS). For your privacy, choose from one of our four confidential bidding names: Scott Land & Lease Ltd., STOMP Energy Ltd., Plunkett Resources Ltd., and Windfall Resources Ltd. Our services include our no-fee for travel expenses, crown inquiries, LOA’s and transfers.

Scott Land & Lease is proud to be the top buyer for the 25th consecutive year, making us the most trusted crown landsale team in the industry. We will not charge you for travel, crown inquiries, preparation of assignments, letters of authorization or transfers. We offer your confidential bidding and downloadable PDFs of our landsale information on our website.