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Scott Land salutes long-time clients Conoco & Cenovus on blockbuster deal

March 30, 2017

Scott Land salutes long-time clients Conoco and Cenovus on their blockbuster deal announced yesterday.

Cenovus to buy ConocoPhillips’ Canadian assets for a massive $17.7 billion

The Countdown to STOMP is on!

March 29, 2017

Scott Land kicks off the 100-day countdown to its 20th STOMP, its annual, by invitation only, customer appreciation event.  It all starts with STOMP! And it all starts July 6, 2017!

TransCanada gets State Department OK for Keystone XL

March 24, 2017

A positive step for the industry, says Scott Land – one of the most active pipeline right-of-way acquisition companies in Western Canada – as the U.S. State Department approves TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. More here

Scott Land Tops BC Land Sale

March 23, 2017

Scott Land & Lease tops BC land sale, representing ~93% of the sale!  Thanks to our clients who made these results possible.  The next BC land sale is April 19.

Mineral Rights Information Bulletin

March 6, 2017

Coming Soon: Automation of Submission for Third Party Requests, Surrenders, Reinstatements and Electronic Notification of Non-Productivity Notices, Rental Defaults and Royalty Defaults

The Tenure Operations Branch is diligently moving forward on the electronic submission of Third Party Requests, Surrenders and Reinstatements on Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) Agreements. In addition, a new functionality that provides a notification feature for Non-Productivity Notices, Rental Defaults and Royalty Defaults.

The release and implementation of this is slated for the middle of March 2017. Within the next couple of weeks, Alberta Energy will be publishing an Information Bulletin to provide ETS users with additional information relating to the new functionality. Training modules and frequently asked questions which are currently being developed, will be posted at the time of implementation.

Refer to Information Bulletin 2016-04: Here

Refer to Information Bulletin 2017-01: Here