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As oilsands punished, tanker loads of cheap Saudi oil sail into Canadian ports daily…

February 16, 2016

As oilsands punished, tanker loads of cheap Saudi oil sail into Canadian ports daily. As federal and provincial politicians congratulate themselves for their climate change ‘leadership,’ and pipeline opponents smirk about stalling construction of new Canadian pipelines, tanker-loads of foreign oil are delivered repeatedly to Eastern Canadian refineries. This includes increasing volumes from Saudi Arabia. Overall, refiners in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and New Brunswick imported about 650,000 barrels a day from foreign producers in 2015. In addition to Saudi Arabia, the oil came from the United States, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, because there is insufficient pipeline capability to import it from Western Canada, which produces far more oil than it needs… Read More.

Where are Alberta’s Allies?

February 12, 2016

This week journalist Rex Murphy, CBC News wrote about Calgary’s troubled economic times, his interesting perspective makes one think “Where are Calgary’s allies?” Rex points out that when other provinces were in need they found refuge in Alberta, but now that Alberta is in need where’s Alberta’s saving grace?  Click Here to read more.

Canadian Oil & Gas Facts

February 11, 2016

In challenging times like these, it is important to keep our heads up high, keep informed, spread awareness and be proud of what Canada has accomplished on a global scale in the energy industry.


Did you know that Alberta has had a carbon tax on oil production since 2007? No other major oil exporter to the U.S. has a carbon tax on oil production. Click here to learn more about the Canadian Oil & Gas industry and some interesting facts by Canada Action. For more informative facts by Canada Action click here.