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Alberta’s Royalty Review

January 29, 2016

Alberta’s royalty review was disclosed for the oil and gas industry today. The NDP government has made public that Alberta will continue to maintain its current royalty framework for Alberta’s oilsands and existing wells. As for wells drilled after 2017 read more here.


U.S. Network of Pipelines

January 18, 2016

Business Insider’s in depth video (click here to view) showing the massive network of over 2.5 million miles of pipeline that’s used to transport the 19 million barrels per day the U.S. consumed in 2014.

Produced by Alex Kuzoian and Ruchika Agarwal

Business Insider: Posted: December 9, 2016; Accessed, January 16, 2016;

Top Crown Land Buyer 2015

January 7, 2016

For the 24th consecutive year, The Daily Oil Bulletin has named Scott Land & Lease Ltd., The Top Land Buyer at Crown Land Sales in Western Canada. That is 96 consecutive quarters of leading the pack. Our 2015 total of $151M successful bids was more than the next 10 competitors combined.

We would like to thank our valued clients over these years for their confidence, trust and support.

Full DOB story here:

Scott Land & Lease Ltd. was the top buyer of Crown land for 2015, spending $153.84 million, with $115.57 million doled out for acreage in Alberta.

The broker acquired 455,061 hectares on behalf of its clients for the 12-month period at an average price of $338.06. Scott Land picked up 369,146 hectares in Alberta from January-December 2015.

The second most active Crown buyer in 2015 period was Standard Land Company Inc., which acquired 73,273 hectares for $33.71 million at an average price of $460.04.

The top bonus for a single parcel during the year was $15.68 million and was acquired by Standard Land at Alberta’s Feb. 11 sale. The broker paid an average price of $2,663 for the 5,888-hectare Foothills licence.


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