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Focus on the AER

July 20, 2015

The AER has published a newsletter slated to come out quarterly in an effort to be the “best-in-class regulator”. The first iteration of the newsletter AER Focus, is divided into four sections. The first section includes an overview, complete with a message straight from the president: Jim Ellis. Next up a breakdown of the application process, taking the reader through a step-by-step of the internal process the AER completes for applications. Next a section is entirely dedicated to compliance, and finally a spotlighted employee profile.


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Crown Land Spending Down

July 16, 2015

Year-over-year expenditure of Crown land is down the lowest it’s ever been in 20 years! Crown land spending in the first half of 2015 in Canada was $205.81 million, by comparison in 2014 government bonus revenue was at $431.85 million.

Only 1.09 million hectares of land have been acquired by industry at the low average price of $188.25 per hectare.

All but Manitoba are experiencing year-over-year drops in crown land spending for 2015.

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Top Crown Buyer for the First Half of 2015

July 15, 2015

On behalf of our clients we spent a total of $82.63 million to be the top crown land buyer for the first half of 2015! We spent an additional $57.35 million on acreage in Alberta.

The total amount of land acquired throughout the first half of 2015 was 241,768 hectares. This land was acquired at an average price of $341.76. The majority of the land was picked up in Alberta – 205,148 hectares January-June 2015. This is the 96th quarter in a row that Scott Land & Lease Ltd. has been the top land buyer.

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STOMP 2015

July 14, 2015

The 18th annual Scott Land STOMP went off without a hitch on July 2nd, 2015! Friends, alumni, and clients alike gathered at the Wildhorse Saloon on 6th Avenue in downtown Calgary, for an evening of celebration, fundraising and networking. The annual kick-off to Stampede party is held the Thursday before Parade Day and this year was no exception. With many industry celebrations on hiatus this year, the team at Scott Land thought it best to keep the tradition alive and thriving! The Wildhorse tent saw a procession of western-dressed guests grace the red carpet, on their way into the STOMP, greeted by our President, Gregg Scott.

Inside Scott Land’s private VIP entrance – Local 522, volunteers gathered to welcome the attendees and get them set up to take on the evening of networking Stampede-kick-off-style. Our long time partners the Prostate Cancer Centre were there to accept donations. The support was phenomenal this year! For this being STOMP Lite; with fewer guests (over 600) and falling after a holiday mid-week, the number of donations received was incredible! Over $25,000 dollars was raised with the help of our guests, friends and generosity of Gregg Scott. At 9:00PM, with the celebration well underway, the band Elliot Brood took to the stage and serenaded the crowd with song, after song. It was a magical way to end an evening of generosity, BBQ and beer!