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Alberta Landsale brings in $21.66M – Scott Land remains the leader in land services!

August 30, 2013

Scott Land remains the leader in land services and it is evident in our landsales. The Alberta Landsale on Wednesday, August 28 was the main story in the Daily Oil Bulletin. Here is the article that was posted on the Daily Oil Bulletin on Thursday, August 29.

Alberta Land Sale Brings In $21.66 Million

By Richard Macedo – DOB – August 29th, 2013
The Alberta government attracted $21.66 million at its Wednesday land sale, fuelled mostly by two licence parcels in northwestern Alberta south of Grande Prairie that combined for $13.36 million.

A total of 74,920 hectares exchanged hands this week at an average of $289.14 per hectare. Year-to-date, industry has spent $528.87 million to acquire 1.68 million hectares at an average price of $314.81. To the same point last year, the province had collected $806.91 million for 2.13 million hectares at an average price of $378.13.

Highlights of this week’s sale included a bonus high bid of $11.02 million submitted by Windfall Resources Ltd. that produced an average price of $10,765.87, which was the average high price. The broker picked up the rights to sections one, 11 and 12 at 67-05W6 for petroleum and natural gas (P&NG) below the base of the Fernie Group and section seven at 67-04W6 for P&NG below the base of the Charlie Lake formation. The licence totalled 1,024 hectares.

Scott Land & Lease Ltd. picked up an adjacent 256-hectare licence for $2.33 million. The broker paid an average price of $9,106.66 for section 22 at 67-04W6 for P&NG below the base of the Charlie Lake formation.
Deeper rights below the Charlie Lake and Nordegg indicate the primary target is likely Montney, said Brad Hayes, president of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.
“[The] Montney has potential for gas and liquids-rich gas in this area, but exploitation is at a relatively early stage, so producers are still trying to figure out what the liquids ratios will be and how best to exploit the thick Montney section,” he said.
Steve Hager, senior exploration analyst with Canadian Discovery Ltd., added that these parcels are located in the Gold Creek Field just north of the Paramount Resources Ltd. -operated Karr Montney A Pool, which has produced 4.6 bcf of gas with 127,900 bbls of condensate from 14 wells since 2008. Along with Paramount, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Shell Canada Limited and Canadian International Oil Operating Corp. (CIOOC) are actively developing liquids-rich Montney gas in the area.
DOB records show that on Aug. 16, Progress Energy Canada Ltd. licensed a planned development horizontal oil well near the subject parcels at surface location 15-30-66-04W6 in the Gold Creek area with the Dunvegan formation listed as the total depth zone (TDZ), with a projected depth of 3,384 metres. On Aug. 15, the company licensed a planned development horizontal oil well in the Karr area at surface location 15-01-66-04W6, also listing the Dunvegan as the TDZ with a planned depth of 3,135 metres.
Meanwhile, bidding under its own name, Paramount picked up a 256-hectare licence for $1.03 million at an average price of $4,029.96. The company picked up section 26 at 63-05W6 for P&NG below the base of the Cardium formation, to the base of the Bluesky-Bullhead.
Rights are posted below the Cardium and to the base of the Bluesky-Bullhead, making the prospective target (or targets) in the Cretaceous, Hayes said, adding that there are a number of plays in this area being developed. The Dunvegan (oil and liquids-rich gas) and Wilrich (liquids-rich gas) are two of the most likely targets.
This single-section parcel located in the Kakwa Field includes all P&NG rights below the Cardium to the base of the Cretaceous, thus excluding the underlying Montney formation and the overlying Cardium formation as targets, Hager added.
“This parcel is surrounded on all sides by Paramount Resources’ large-scale development of Cretaceous Falher liquids-rich gas, which that company is exploiting using modern horizontal drilling and stage-fracturing technology,” he said.
These high prices — $4,000-10,000-plus per-hectare — are in each case related to resource-play economics, regardless of the target zone, Hager added.

Scott Land opens seventh branch office – now in Saskatoon!

August 19, 2013

Scott Land & Lease continues to grow! We are pleased to announce that we have recently opened a new full service branch office in Saskatoon, SK to serve our clients in Central Saskatchewan including the busy Kindersley – Rosetown area. This is Scott Land’s seventh office.


The Central SK area is one of the busiest areas in SK and opening up a full service office will allow us to provide our clients with the top level service and value they are accustomed to receiving from Scott Land while at the same time allowing us to contribute and support the local communities in the area.


You can contact us at the new Saskatoon office at 306- 668-3601 or email us at


A sweeping success at the AB Landsale on August 14!

August 15, 2013

Scott Land & Lease Ltd. took the four top parcels in the AB Landsale on Wednesday, August 14. Totalling just over $11 million. Scott Land & Lease also represented over 84 per cent of the Broker acquired land and 75 per cent of the land acquired in the overall sale.


The next AB Landsale is Wednesday, August 28, 2013. Contact us at 403-261-6580 or email us at for any Landsale inquires.