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Scott Land & Lease on Top for the Double Landsale!

April 25, 2013

The results are out and once again Scott Land & Lease is pleased to report our success at both the AB and BC landsales that occurred on Tuesday, April 24th.


In AB we represented just about 40 per cent of the land acquired by Brokers as well as land in the overall sale. We also placed second and third in the Top Five parcels with a combined total paid of just under $9 million dollars.


In BC we took all but the number one spot in the top five placing second through fifth with a combined total of just over $21 million. We also represented just over 56 per cent of the Broker acquired land and just over 55 per cent of the total sale.

Scott Land & Lease welcomes Scott Piet back to the team!

April 22, 2013

Scott Land & Lease is excited to announce that Scott Piet has once again joined the team as Senior Project Manager. Scott brings more than seven years of consultation and project management experience to Scott Land and has worked on a variety projects in the Telecom, Transmission and Surface Land industries. When we asked Scott about his decision to return he said, “Coming back to Scott Land is like coming home again. I am glad to be back with my work family”.

Scott Land & Lease is the Top Land Buyer for the 85th consecutive quarter (21+ years)!

April 5, 2013

Daily Oil Bulletin

 Scott Land & Lease Ltd.was the top buyer of Crown land during the first quarter, with most of the acreage picked up in Alberta.


The broker acquired 138,600 hectares in the first three months of the year on behalf of its clients, paying total bonus bids of $117.93 million. That worked out to an average price of $850.90 per hectare. Scott Land picked up 124,017 hectares in Alberta during the period on bonus bids of $104.18 million.


The second most active Crown buyer in the first quarter was Standard Land Company Inc., which successfully acquired 64,650 hectares on behalf of its clients for $37.51 million, which produced an average price of $580.20. The broker picked up 61,936 hectares in Alberta for $35.23 million.


Third-place finisher Den-Mara Enterprises Ltd. acquired 4,781 hectares on behalf of clients for $18.77 million — with all land purchased in British Columbia (it was the top buyer in the province).


Ranger Land Services Ltd. was the top acquirer of land in Saskatchewan. The broker picked up 1,926 hectares in the province for $2.48 million.


Seven Generations Energy Ltd. was the top company acquiring acreage under its own name. The producer paid $12.79 million to acquire 3,456 hectares, all purchased in Alberta. Seven Generations paid an average price of $3,702.13 for the land.


Top 10 All Province Parcels (By Bonus) January – March 2013

1 Pro West Land Services Ltd. $13,562,268 63-6W6 13/01/09 B0220 $7,568.23
2 Den-Mara Enterprises Ltd. $12,150,599 94-H-4 13/03/27 64657 $3,925.88
3 Windfall Resources Ltd. $9,023,654 78-12W6 13/03/06 B0290 $7,049.73
4 Windfall Resources Ltd. $6,631,066 78-13W6 13/03/06 B0292 $6,094.73
5 Den-Mara Enterprises Ltd. $6,619,034 94-H-4 13/03/27 64658 $3,925.88
6 Stomp Energy Ltd. $6,537,684 65-4W6 13/02/06 B0147 $8,512.61
7 Seven Generations Energy Ltd. $6,531,779 64-7W6 13/01/09 B0222 $6,378.69
8 Sekani Resources Ltd. $5,340,543 94-A-13 13/03/27 64656 $6,297.81
9 Sandstone Land & Mineral Company Ltd. $5,306,296 66-3W6 13/03/20 B0458 $10,363.86
10 O & G Resource Group Ltd. $5,227,745 64-7W6 13/03/20 B0455 $6,806.96