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Scott Land & Lease Ltd. team building

October 24, 2012

Scott Land & Lease’s Calgary Surface Administration team enjoyed an afternoon out of the office on Oct 19, 2012 in a team building event at Carstairs where they went clay shooting. Some had never held a shotgun before so it was a thrill. A fun time was had by all.

Scott Land & Lease The Top Land Buyer In Canada Over Three Quarters

October 16, 2012

Daily Oil Bulletin


Scott Land & Lease Ltd. was the top Crown buyer at land sales in Canada over the first nine months of 2012, with total bonus payments of $389.08 million, mostly for acreage in Alberta.


The broker acquired 666,925 hectares on behalf of its clients at an average of $583.40. In Alberta, Scott land paid total bids of $316.89 million on 574,204 hectares.


Standard Land Company Inc. was the second most active Crown land buyer over the first three quarters of the year, paying bonus payments of $142.76 million. The broker picked up 278,456 hectares on behalf of its clients at an average of $512.69. The lion’s share of spending was also in Alberta, where Standard acquired 248,156 hectares on total bonus bids of $124.11 million.


Progress Energy Resources Corp. has been the top company buying land under its own name, paying $19.52 million for 5,045 hectares — all in British Columbia — at an average of $3,869.07.


To the end of September, Britt Resources Ltd. had paid the top bonus of $32.47 million for a parcel in the area around 60-26W5 at the May 30 Alberta land sale. The 4,864-hectare parcel sold for an average price of $6,675.75.


At the Sept. 19 land sale, Stomp Energy Ltd. paid the second-highest bonus for a parcel which was also in Alberta. The broker paid $17.31 million, or an average of $4,779.08, for several sections at 24-03W5 and 25-03W5 just to the northwest of the City of Calgary near Cochrane.


This licence and an adjacent one that sold for $2.35 million are located between Calgary and Cochrane and include all petroleum and natural gas rights to the base of the Cardium.

Scott Land Demonstrates They are Top in the Industry

October 12, 2012

It was a great week for Scott Land & Lease and our clients.  In Alberta Scott Land & Lease accounted for over 73% of the landsale.  While in Saskatchewan Scott Land & Lease bought over 50% of the entire landsale.

Melissa Mottershead joins Scott Land Team

October 2, 2012

Scott Land & Lease, a leader in Crown and Freehold surface and mineral land acquisition, is pleased to announce that Melissa Mottershead has joined our Oilsands Team as a Senior Crown Surface Specialist in our Edmonton office. Melissa comes to us from ESRD where she worked in the Special Projects Areas (Oilsands Development) Department and brings with her the knowledge of the special projects processes which will benefit Scott Land’s clients.


Melissa can be contacted at 780-702-5683 or at

Howard Parkyn reaches 25 Year Staff Milestone

Scott Land is pleased to acknowledge a recent significant staff milestone.  Howard Parkyn has been with the company for 25 years and is not only a cornerstone of the Lloydminster office but the company in general.  Howard has been faithfully serving clients and staff alike for a quarter century and we want to thank Howard for his dedication to the Lloyd office, our staff, our clients and the landowners he deals with every day.


Thanks Howard!