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Scott Land & Lease Celebrates 25 Years in Lloydminster

January 25, 2012

It was a pleasure to join the team from Scott Land & Lease today to Celebrate the Grand Opening of their new office and 25 years in Lloydminster.


Howard Parkyn, was the first Scott Land team member hired 25 years ago for the Lloydminster office. We wish them continued success in Lloydminster and look forward to celebrating more milestones with them in the future.

Scott Land & Lease Celebrates Grand Opening Of Newly Expanded Lloydminster Office

January 24, 2012

Scott Land & Lease Ltd. announces the grand opening of its newly expanded office in Lloydminster, Alberta, with a ribbon cutting celebration today in honour of this important event.


The Scott Land office is located at #101, 5006 – 18th Street, in the centre of Lloydminster’s newest business district.


Scott Land opened its first branch office in Lloydminster 25 years ago with Howard Parkyn as its first local manager and employee. “We have loyal clients like Husky [Energy Inc.] who we have worked for since opening our Lloydminster office 25 years ago. Our relationships and local knowledge are the keys to our success,” Parkyn said.


“Our commitment and involvement in the community have been important factors to our success over the years,” added Todd Plandowski, current branch manager for Scott Land’s Lloydminster office.


Gregg Scott, president of Scott Land & Lease, said: “By expanding our Lloydminster office we are ensuring that we have the people and infrastructure in place to service our clients well into the future. We have one of the largest groups of land professionals in the market and hope to continue to grow to accommodate our clients’ growing needs.”


Today’s event will be attended by several of Scott Land’s loyal clients, its staff and other distinguished guests, including Tim McMillan, MLA; Lloyd Snelgrove, MLA; Gerry Ritz, MP; Leon Benoit, MP; and Jeff Mulligan, Lloydminster’s mayor.


Also in attendance will be J.R. Houghton, senior vice-president of corporate development for Scott Land & Lease. “We are delighted that Scott Land’s Lloydminster office has experienced the growth and success that has led us to this expansion. This branch office has been servicing our clients for 25 years and brings with it so much promising potential. We look forward to watching their progress in the coming years.”


The Scott Land & Lease Lloydminster office specializes in surface acquisition, freehold mineral acquisition, project management and administration. The land agents are also licensed in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Lloydminster office works closely with Scott Land’s network of offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Grande Prairie and Fort St. John.

Scott Land Top Spender At 2011 Crown Land Sales

For the 20th consecutive year, Scott Land & Lease Ltd. ranked atop the Daily Oil Bulletin list of Crown land purchasers in Canada during 2011, a year that saw a total of $4.13 billion in cash bonus bids.


Scott Land invested $1.45 billion on behalf of producers last year to acquire 1.42 million hectares of land.


Top 10 All Province Parcels (By Bonus) January – December 2011


1. Scott Land & Lease Ltd. $123,674,573 61-16W5 11/08/24 B0404 $16,103.46


2. Meridian Land Services (90) Ltd. $106,505,798 41-3W5 11/06/01 B0341 $13,529.70


3. Scott Land & Lease Ltd. $96,678,380 61-25W5 11/03/23 B0718 $11,801.56


4. Cavalier Land Ltd. $93,870,899 41-4W5 11/06/01 B0340 $14,103.20


5. Basm Land & Resources Ltd. $85,468,416 41-5W5 11/06/01 B0343 $11,128.70


6. Plunkett Resources Ltd. $79,851,802 63-15W5 11/08/24 B0405 $10,397.37


7. Centennial Land Services Ltd. $71,997,480 43-5W5 11/06/01 B0346 $9,310.95


8. Standard Land Company Inc. $63,902,502 38-6W5 11/06/01 B0334 $13,137.85


9. Scott Land & Lease Ltd. $58,955,882 44-8W5 11/12/14 B0480 $8,010.31


10. Canadian Coastal Resources Ltd. $57,095,671 40-5W5 11/06/01 B0336 $14,389.03


Western Canadian Governments Received $4.13 Billion In Land Bonus Payments In 2011

Alberta enjoyed a record land sale year in 2011. The provincial government brought in an all-time record of $3.64 billion in bonus revenue last year on 4.61 million hectares at an average of $790.33.


The big drivers for the record expenditures included plays such as the Duvernay shale, Swan Hills tight carbonates, Montney, Alberta Exshaw/Bakken shale and tight oil, Nordegg shale and the Second White Specks.

First Alberta Land Sale Of 2012 Draws $63.43 Million

January 12, 2012

Fresh off a record year, the Alberta government collected $63.43 million in total bonus revenue on Wednesday at its first land auction of 2012, well behind the inaugural land sale of 2011.


A total of 157,063 hectares exchanged hands this week at an average of $403.88 per hectare. By contrast, the first sale of 2011 generated $155.44 million on 286,277 hectares at an average of $542.96.


Windfall Resources Ltd. produced the land sale bonus high of $5.69 million. Windfall picked up sections 21, 27 and 35 at 39-06W5 (petroleum and natural gas below the base of the Mannville Group) and sections 16 and 22 (petroleum and natural gas below the base of the Nordegg Member). The 1,280-hectare licence parcel produced a per-hectare average of $4,441.


Plunkett Resources Ltd. acquired the rights to three leases at 69-09W5, paying a combined bonus of $2.19 million. The three parcels generated per-hectare averages of $11,427, $11,418 and $11,420, respectively.

Gregg Scott Celebrates 30 Years in the Land Industry

January 10, 2012

November, 2011 marked Gregg Scott’s 30th year in the land industry. It was 1981 when Gregg Scott started his career as a landman. He was only 24 years old when he came to Calgary from Saskatchewan to learn the land business after Norm McKenzie took a chance on a “college dropout from Saskatchewan” and hired him at Nom McKenzie Land & Field Services Ltd.


Gregg is thankful for the opportunity Norm gave him and he reminisces about his first day on the job: “I still remember walking into the office, an old building on 9th Ave SW where Bankers Hall now sits, not knowing a thing about land and being given my briefcase, manual typewriter, a pad of carbon paper, a stack of lease forms and a brief training session to get me ready to go to the field”.


As many of Gregg’s vintage may recall, 1981 was one of the worst in the oil patch, coming on the heels of the National Energy Policy of 1980. Back then, Ronald Reagan was President and Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada. Gregg jokes, that many of the people reading this right now “probably weren’t born yet”. It’s hard to believe, but during this time personal computers, email and cell phones hand not yet been invented and the first fax machine did not come until three years later!


Ten years later Gregg Scott started Scott Land & Lease, in another difficult year, but he hasn’t looked back since. He says “in fact, we have been the top land buyer at landsales every year since”.


Gregg credits his success to the wonderful people he has had the opportunity to work with throughout his career, especially his loyal staff which has now grown to more than 185 employees. Gregg recognizes that his successes could not have been possible without the long list of clients who have entrusted their projects and business to Scott Land over this time and for that he is very grateful.


Gregg is still passionate about the land business and credits that to the plethora of interesting projects and the people that work within the land industry. “Three decades have flown by a lot quicker than I would have ever expected. Thank you to everyone for making this a special milestone for me and here’s to the next decade ahead”.

New Year Optimism from Scott Land

January 9, 2012